Body Made for Pleasure (TG/Gynoid Caption)

“This really isn’t my day, is it?” I said as I saw my face on a reflective surface.
Being a pleasure bot was definitely not something I would have wanted to be stuck as, but seeing as I had little to no options; I was forced to deal with it. And forced I was, as I slowly learned that my old body had been decomposed and used as fertilizer for grass by the company that ‘bought’ me. “I can’t even stop being…sexual. My body moves in such an illustrious manner that it calls attention to…” I noted my rather slim waist and my rather big breasts, “I feel like a cartoon character, but at least they didn’t make my personality stereotypical.” That was the only thing that would be considered good about my situation. As everything else was highly accentuated; including my sensitivity to touch.
There was no pleasure of my own accord, but there was pleasure from being built to respond a certain way. So if a guy teased my pussy, I would respond by moaning or if a guy sucked on my breasts, I would shudder in pleasure. None of it was my own doing. I kept thinking though; about how I ended up in this situation, and how I ended up becoming what essentially was a sex slave. Those damned signed papers that I didn’t bother to look at. Those were the cause of my misery. That’s neither here nor there as I started to think about the day ahead.
It was going to be another day of being on all fours, having my ass spanked, and my lips puckered up in an O shape. Which only caused my body to shudder in excitement as I tried staving off some of the more vivid images that would pop up in my head.

Nightmare EX

“Seems a bit crazy, doesn’t it? I mean I thought death was that and you’re no more. I guess being evil has its benefits though.” Clark said as he quickly transformed into his ex, Nadia, “Every pathetic, wimpy man I’ve allowed to fuck me is free game now. Sometimes being evil is the only way to get things done.” His voice merged with Nadia’s as Mallory watched in horror.

She couldn’t do much when it came to choosing bodies, but it was far better than being stuck in limbo and there was the sense of satisfaction that she got from ruining people’s lives. “I still remember when goody two shoes said I was a witch. That wasn’t very nice, don’t you think?” Nadia asked. She couldn’t help but smile as his girlfriend struggled against the bindings that held her in place. “You shouldn’t struggle too much or else you might hurt yourself. Me on the other hand? I was so sick of just waiting for Clark to give into me. Who knew a wimp like him would be able to hold me off.”

Don’t Want To Do This Anymore

“What am I gonna do?” Ben said as he looked through the refrigerator for a snack.

Ever since him and Alyssa found out that they could hop bodies, the two had an interesting shift in bedroom and lifestyle dynamics. Ben was becoming more submissive and less manly as Alyssa was becoming more domineering and more alpha male like. And while she enjoyed being the man in the relationship, he was starting to feel less enthusiastic about the whole ordeal. He wanted to tell her that he wasn’t interested in swapping bodies with women anymore, but he was scared to even bring up the subject.

“I just can’t stand this. I don’t want to fuck again. I just want to go back to being me. No more of…” Ben was broken out of his train of thought by a wolf whistle, “Damn, baby. I can’t believe how insane your ass is.” Alyssa said as he turned around; visibly frustrated. He knew that she didn’t care about how he felt either because of things like that. Constant degradation and humiliation were par for the course, but he just took it. When she told him that she loved him, he fell for it. That wasn’t the case though as she seemed more interested in the bodies he hopped instead of him.

“You’re a pig. Ever since we did this…we took these people’s bodies and we did things with them. Alyssa you’re turning into a manipulative asshole.” He said as she looked at him in confusion, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I’m tired of you and I’m tired of stealing bodies.” He continued and she scoffed. Tomorrow morning; he tried leaving Mallory’s body, but found that he couldn’t. While Alyssa could leave her male host, Ben found out that he was now pregnant thanks to her. “No way am I taking care of you or that runt. Bye Ben.” Was all she told him as she left the body she was possessing.

All he could do was feel sick. Mostly because he needed to throw up, but also because of the anger he felt towards Alyssa. He was right about her and she basically proved it by leaving him to deal with his current situation.

Two Bodies as One

“Isabel…was that even her name? Shit…” I said as I tried remembering the woman I picked up from last night.

That’s what got me into this mess in the first place as I sort of remembered getting my dick sucked and then blacking out. It wasn’t because I was an asshole, I genuinely forgot due to me being hammered last night. As I laid there, I started to notice my body’s movements more too. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant either as I looked back at my rather shapely rear end and smirked.

What I didn’t know was that after I got my jollies from the pretty woman at the bar, we uh, merged? Slowly but surely I could remember bits and pieces of what happened as she slurped and sucked. I could remember her lips getting tighter and tighter while I felt myself becoming smaller? I moaned in unison with her as we both felt our bodies get closer and closer until…a popping sound could be heard.

Memories, feelings, thoughts all became unified once me and her merged. I could feel my body shifting and morphing as both of us took on a combination of the others traits. When the transformation was finally complete, I felt myself orgasm and I fell asleep quickly afterwards. “So, that’s why I couldn’t remember her name? I’m actually her or she’s me and we’re one in the same. Jesus, this is…bizarre.” I said as I felt my ass jiggle around.

None of this made sense and I was still horribly confused, but what was even more fucked up is that I was technically two people now instead of one. Apparently from the memories that I now shared with the woman; I knew how to suck and fuck pretty damn good too. A fact that I was both aroused and sickened by.

No Happy Ending

“So, here I am: getting fucked in the ass like the whore that I appeared to be. I’m only supposed to be 16 years old. I should be with my family, but nope. I’m stuck in this position while the prostitute in my body is safe and sound back in my home.” Jaime tried concentrating on his old life to distract him from this.

It was quite literally the hardest 6 months he’s ever faced as everything was taken from him in an instant. He should have walked away when the woman was crying out for help, but he was dumb and decided to go anyways. What followed next was a blur, but after he ‘saved’ the woman; he found himself in a hotel room stuck in the very same woman’s body. He expected a note or some kinda explanation, but he got nothing.

What he did get was one angry man bursting through the front door, slapping him in the face and asking him where his money was. Jaime was terrified and couldn’t really fight back which caused him to cry with each blow he took. “I, I don’t have your money…just give me a few more hours…” He told the guy and he slapped him again. He wasn’t interested in listening and the beating continued for what felt like an hour.

He tried finding my body afterwards, but the woman did a great job of avoiding me. She also knew he couldn’t convince his parents that He was actually their son cause even if he could convince them somehow, it’d go in one ear and out the other. He looked like a middle aged woman and that’s all that mattered to them. This wasn’t a fantastical tale with a happy ending, and he had a feeling that he would be stuck like this for the remainder of his life.

One Last Date

“Well, this is it. The moment of truth.” James gulped as he felt the changes take over his body.

This mirror was definitely a lifesaver, but he figured using it for something a bit selfless was more than called for. As he thought about his neighbor Clare and her wife passing away, his skin began to wrinkle and his body became more feminine and lanky. “Ah. There we are.” He said in Janice’s voice, “Time to go see if Clare’s up.” His eyes examined everything and saw that his clothes changed to match his appearance.

Clare was more than shocked as she opened the door and saw Janice standing there. “Janice? How?” Was the first thing she said as he walked in and embraced her, “Shhh, my love. No questions.” He said in between kisses as they both hugged each other. It was a fairly pleasant evening too as they talked, ate dinner, and had a few drinks.

Afterwards they danced a bit before Clare became sleepy and James guided her to the bedroom. “This was wonderful. But do you have to go?” She asked as James smiled, “Yes, but I’ll always be with you.” He replied back as he kissed her and laid her down on the bed. It really was a wonderful night, and James was proud of himself as he walked out of Clare’s apartment.

Being selfless was a bit hard for him, but he wanted to do something nice for a person that he cared about.

Wish Fulfillment

So, here I am. Ready to sleep with my husband after waking up in this alternate reality.

The smile on my face wasn’t fake. I was genuinely excited after being wined and dined by the handsome fellow that was now my husband. It was a bit weird that my entire existence seemed to be reworked, but a part of me liked to think that my wish for a better life was answered by someone or something. Now wasn’t the time to think about that though. “Wow, you look…beautiful.” Aaron told me and I blushed, “You got me drunk, stud. No need to be too smooth.” I replied back with a smile on my face.

That wine was working it’s way through me as I walked over and stumbled a bit. “Help a girl out?” I said as I grabbed Aaron by the shirt and fell onto the bed along with him. What followed after was too dirty to reiterate, but I guarantee it was amazing. And a firm confirmation that I was going to enjoy my new life very much.