That’s What It Meant (Part 2)

Jason woke up to the sight of his own wife walking around naked.

He knew after last night that they went back to Olivia’s place, but he couldn’t remember much other than that. “What’s wrong, babe?” Carla asked as Jason looked up at her smiling face. Then the alarm went off, and Jason actually woke up; feeling his heart beating a mile a minute as the adrenaline pumped in his veins. He was having a variety of dreams like that, and even worse was that he started to hate whoever was in his body. Maybe Olivia’s mind and tendencies were starting to cause a crisis of identity for him.

Sometimes: he’d have a hard time remembering that he was Carla’s husband, and that he used to be a man. He knew who he was though, but that didn’t seem to matter. Carla saw Olivia, and to the rest of the world he was Olivia too. That was the crux of this whole fever dream of a reality as Jason couldn’t prove that he wasn’t always Olivia. Every time the subject came up around Carla, he’d freeze up or swallow his pride. Nothing seemed out of sorts with the way he was acting either.

Maybe this was all part of some ruse though? Olivia’s body didn’t feel this comfortable the first few days, but it’s been weeks, and this body felt like home. Jason panicked at the thought that he would just be okay with this body and that the imposter in his body would completely take over his life, but what could he do about it? He couldn’t say anything out of the norm for Olivia, and things seemed to be stuck like this for foreseeable future. continuation of a cap request I made about a guy waking up in the body of his wife’s lesbian bf who happens to love her too.

The guy is the only one aware of the swap though, and his original body acts like nothing has happened.


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